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 “When I first came I was not able to open jars, turn the key or open a door with my right hand. Now I am able to do these things easily. I am also able to golf. Yea!” – D.L.

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Hand and Occupational Therapy

At Hands-On Physical Therapy Specialists, our certified hand specialists develop individualized treatment plans for clients suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and post-operative conditions.

We use manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and muscle energy techniques to improve movement and reduce pain.

Our therapists have years of experience treating injuries and conditions of the arm, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. For arthritis sufferers, we teach you to use adaptive equipment to promote joint protection, and make it easier to do everyday tasks.

Our Hand Therapy Services Include:   We Treat Injuries And Conditions Including:        
  • Custom splint fabrication
  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Modalities including
    • Fluidotherapy
    • Light therapy
    • Electrical Stimulation
    • Iontophoresis
    • Infra-red Light Therapy
  • Joint protection education
  • Adaptive equipment instruction
  • Dry needling
  • Osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis
  • Nerve compressions including carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Rotator cuff impingements/injuries
  • Fractures of the
    • Shoulder
    • Elbow
    • Wrist
    • Hand
    • Fingers
  • Shoulder/elbow/wrist tendonitis
  • Elbow tendonitis (i.e. tennis elbow)
  • Tendon injuries/repairs


Please obtain a doctor's order for therapy prior to your first visit.

***Did you know you can go to any Therapy Practice for treatment that accepts your insurance? You do not have to stay within the system your doctor is associated with.***


“I came in unable to use my left hand, and after I finished therapy I was able to use my hand probably better than before the surgery. The therapists were knowledgeable, and they always listened to my concerns and helped me achieve my goals.” ~ L.S.

"Everything was great! From the theapist making my splint, to the exerises she taught me; the therapist was incredible!"~ V.S.

"The staff is very accomodating and professional."~ M.D.

"I had to have surgery on my hand and therapy to make it work again. Now my hand is fully useful again and not much pain: I can grip and use my hand with no restrictions. I can even wrestle again!"~ D.M.

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