Read how our hand therapists and physical therapists have helped these patients reduce their pain and improve function to get back to their desired activities/work faster!  If you have been our patient please share your success story with us and others.

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“Every week I saw improvement which was very encouraging. I never thought I could get to this level, which makes me very hopeful. Hands-On Physical Therapy Specialists helped me tremendously!” – O.P.

“When I first came I was not able to open jars, turn the key or open a door with my right hand. Now I am able to do these things easily. I am also able to golf! Yay!” – D.L.

“In just seven visits I gained strength and knowledge through therapy. My back is now pain free and able to perform daily tasks. The education I received from the therapists lead me to a new goal of core strengthening. I feel less likely to injure myself because of the therapy I received. Thank you to the therapists for their encouragement and support. Super job!”– H.D.

“Before I came I was in constant pain and aching with limited lifting, pushing, and pulling. Now I can do all of these. I am able to sleep better at night due to the wrist splint that was made for me. You made a big difference in the pain level that I had. I feel so much better now. Thank you very much.” – A.D.

“I was experiencing extreme lower back pain and sciatic pain and could not even drive a car. Therapy relieved the pain and helped to alleviate other muscle pain also. I can do almost everything that I used to be able to do. I will continue to do all the exercises so I can improve more. Yes, you made a huge difference in my life. Thank you all.” – J.F.

“When I first started therapy I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t use my left arm for much. I didn’t have strength or range of motion to be able to do things like driving, laundry, cooking, or play my banjo. My hands were also numb every morning. I can now move much better, can cook, and play my banjo. The exercises and wrist braces helped with the numbness. I think everyone is great at Hands-On Physical Therapy Specialists. Great experience!” – C.M.

“I could not have been assigned to better therapists. From the very beginning, you fit my needs perfectly. I flourished with your expert therapeutic knowledge.” – M.W.

“I’ve been to other therapists and they did a nice job, but the difference here is that your entire staff took the time to understand my needs and goals. The therapists did treatment and exercises with me that would make it so I could get back to work. They really knew what I needed.” – D.T.

“There has been a ‘night and day’ difference from the time I began therapy until now. I have appreciated the unique techniques and strategies employed – ones I’ve never experienced before during many visits for therapy elsewhere. I’m especially been grateful for learning ‘self-help’ techniques that head problems off at the pass!” – C.H.

“I had therapy many years ago at another physical therapy office. The experience I had at Hands-On Physical therapy Specialists was so much better. My results were great! I got personalized service that pushed me to fully recover the use of my fingers without over doing or re-hurting my injury. The staff was super friendly and caring.” – J.T.

“I feel 100% better. I’m able to work a full day without symptoms and lift weights without pain. I can sleep on my back and sit in a chair for extended periods of time and easily move my arm with no pain. The therapy absolutely made a difference. Without this therapy I most likely wouldn’t be working right now.” – K.S.

“I came to PT because I was having so much pain in my hip. I could only walk to the corner of my street and had to stop. Now I am able to walk 3 times that amount. I’ve gained strength in my legs. I was able to go on the swings with my granddaughter and didn’t need a push because my legs were working, it was great. The exercises I’ve learned here hasn’t only helped my pain, but has helped me get on a routine.” – B.H.

“Being a post surgical patient, I am extremely pleased to have my function returned. All activity has seemed to return to normal – which was my goal after surgical repair. All the staff members were very helpful, informative, and more than competent. Most importantly, I was treated with respect and dignity. They were caring and I felt comfortable during my visits. Thank you.” – C.S.

“I think I’ve surprised everyone, including myself with the progress I’ve made in 7 weeks. In the time here, I’ve gone from 50% weight training to full. I think I’m walking almost normally again. I still have some work to do building strength and endurance, but I’ve made great strides. I rarely have pain in my hip now.” – A.W.

“I feel it was a much more personal experience here rather than my injury being just another ‘part’ to help repair; everyone took an interest in what was important to me” – B.K.

“I’ve been other places where I had a different therapist almost everytime. That did not happen here. Plus I was the only patient my therapist had during my appointment.” – J.S.

“I had plantar fascitis for 5 years and could not get any relief. After several painful injections, the doctor suggested therapy. From my first visit here, I began to see results, and now can begin to exercise again and get my weight back under control. I cannot thank you enough!” – N.P.