Work Injuries

If you’ve been injured at work, Hands-On Physical Therapy Specialists can help you recover from your injuries and get you back to work quickly.

We can take you from the acute phase of your injury and/or post surgery all the way through to work simulation and conditioning for a successful return to work.

You will receive an individualized treatment plan that will address your needs for your specific work requirements. Our experienced therapists can help you through all phases of your injury recovery.

We can perform a return to work evaluation prior to your return to work to make sure you’re ready to go back to work safely.

Let us help your return to work be a success, we develop programs designed around your needs:

  • Transitional Work (On-Site Therapy)
  • Work Conditioning and Simulation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation-FCE (return to work evaluation)
  • Job Analysis

We work with you, your doctor and your case manager to ensure your return to work is a success.

“I’ve been to other therapists and they did a nice job, but the difference here is that your entire staff took the time to understand my needs and goals. The therapists did treatment and exercises with me that would make it so I could get back to work. They really knew what I needed.” – D.T.

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“I feel 100% better. I’m able to work a full day without symptoms and lift weights without pain. I can sleep on my back and sit in a chair for extended periods of time and easily move my arm with no pain. The therapy absolutely made a difference. Without this therapy I most likely wouldn’t be working right now.” – K.S.